Wishful Thinking

I have had conversations with my best friend, who happens to identify as an atheist, regarding religion and related topics. They are usually very in depth, and covering everything from Jesus, God, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and why certain things happen in life (mainly philosophical). I honestly really appreciate her being able to speak to me openly about these things, and I to her since it is a rare occurance to find someone that you can speak so openly to without barriers. Afterwards, I find myself questioning why it is so hard for other people to put their differences aside to just get along with someone as either a fellow inhabitant of earth or perhaps even more as a friend. Perhaps it was my fairly liberal upbringing due to societal upbringing (not family) that has made me so relaxed and not quick to judge other people – but wouldn’t the world simply get along a whole lot better if people were able to put their differences aside? I know that the likelihood of that ever happening is slim to none. There will always be those people who like to fight or cause war…

It is that thought alone that made me reluctant in the past of pursuing my journey of faith. Over time I have learned that no matter what religion you follow, or if you don’t follow one at all, there will always be someone to attempt to convert or shame you – so why not find what you truly believe in and makes you happy anyways, since you cannot please everyone and it is your life to live. Why even try to be a people pleaser?



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